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[don draper voice] i don't think about you at all


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kirkspocks replied to your post: still not shippin steve/bucky though

that’s really impressive. i walked out of the theatre already searching for fic

well tbf i definitely see the shipping potential there, and if i tried hard enough i could probably get into it but — i just don’t — care enough? idk, maybe some day

amoktimes replied to your post: still not shippin steve/bucky though

same. once steve/tony trash, always steve/tony trash.


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still not shippin steve/bucky though

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i finally saw the winter soldier and it was??? perfect???

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I’ve got this… nephew. This nephew who is, I mean, he’s an adult. But you can’t infantilize them, you can’t live their life for them. But still, I mean, there is that frustration. You know, that… God, that frustration that goes along with, you know: “Yes, as a matter of fact, I do know what is best for you, so listen.” But of course, they don’t. I mean, what do you do with someone like that?

Breaking Bad Appreciation Week Day 4: Relationships

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❝ Anonymous asked: you're terribly pretty!! xx

thank you bb!!

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Girl, Interrupted

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After everything we’ve been through

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 portraits of Rinko by Jesse Frohman

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i wear your clothes to be more like you — listen
1. the alter - wye oak 2. elegant view - colour revolt 3. my old man’s badge - astronautalis 4. service bell - grizzly bear 5. i died with you - chelsea wolfe 6. apostle - marissa nadler 7. a little hell - radical face 8. abraham - sufjan stevens 9. dyin’ day - anais mitchell 10. father’s son - tori amos 11. trout heart replica - amanda palmer
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